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Fertility Massage


"Last time we met I was getting the fertility massage. I'm now about a week and a half away from entering my second trimester. :)"

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J.G. Greenwich, CT

Fertility Massage

Fertility massage is part of a holistic approach to prepare the body for conception. Designed by Fertility Massage practitioner and developer, Claire Marie Miller, LMT, fertility massage has a proven track record to help couples conceive naturally.

 During a Fertility Massage session the body is first relaxed with Cranoisacral techniques.  A castor oil pack, based on the work of Edger Cayce, is applied to the abdomen to help cleanse and detox the body systems.  As the massage progresses Reflexology points on the feet are stimulated and ancient Abdominal Massage techniques are introduced to stimulate abdominal circulation and  additional cleansing. The massage includes general relaxation, Shiatsu and medical massage techniques to further reduce stress and anxiety. Fertility Massage is a safe way to help both the mind and body get ready to conceive a new life. 

In addition, your first time massage session is accompanied by an information packet on:

  • The best foods to eat or avoid for preconception health
  • How to check your cervical fluid
  • How to check your basal temperature
  • Information on how to use a castor pack at home
  • Information on supplements to take, or avoid, for optimal preconception health
  • Tips on managing stress and health for conception


When is the best time in my cycle to receive a fertility massage?

The best time to receive a fertility massage is the 2 week period after your menstruation has ended and before ovulation begins.

How many Fertility Massage sessions will we need before we conceive?

Unfortunately that is an impossible question to answer.  However, many practitioners who have come through the Claire Marie Miller Fertility Massage Certification have reported up to 4 out 5 couples conceiving after receiving fertility massage.  Go to for details.  

How will I feel after a Fertility Massage?


Can I have a Fertility Massage if I am using Assisted Reproductive Technology?

Yes, depending on the type of technology that you are preparing to use the massage may be altered by either the timing of the massage or the techniques used.

A typical Fertility Massage session lasts approximately 75 -90 minutes.


$225.00 for first massage session.

$150.00 each additional massage session.   


Ricki Ainbinder is the Owner of

Mother Nurture Massage and Bodywork of Fairfield County

Ricki is a certified practitioner of Fertility Massage

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